The vast majority of us love to go shopping and fill ourselves with clothes because it is never enough. But do we really use everything we have? It will have happened to them that many times we have bought things without being able to release them even once. All this happens because we buy impulsively and after that we regret it because we have spent a lot of money on clothes and accessories that we have not used.

Therefore, we must make our purchases in a rational way and thinking about what we really lack or need.

Therefore, today, we offer you some practical tips for shopping:

1. Find only what you need, check your wardrobe before leaving to know what you are going to buy.
2. Invest in clothes that you can use on different occasions.
3. Do not buy clothes that you simply like, think about what you are going to combine them with.
4. If you try on a dress, it is better that you do it with heels because, believe it or not, these small details can make you look different.
5. Look for clothes that flatter you and go according to your figure. Keep in mind: the colors that best go with you depending on your skin, hair and eye color.
6. Choose accessories that complement your look, many times by changing the jewelry we can achieve different looks.
7. Each garment must have at least 3 different outfits, at least one garment must be used in 3 different outfits. If so, you can buy the garment.
8. Do not buy similar clothes.
9. If you find something you loved and it's not your size, don't buy it! It's the worst thing you can do.
10. Always try on clothes to see how they look on you.

Finally, when you go shopping for clothes, make sure you are comfortable and have a clear budget goal, manage it well so you don't spend it on just one thing.

I hope you liked these tips and put them into practice. We are waiting for you at Moixx on your next shopping day!

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