These weeks I have been basically living out of a suitcase. Getting up at dawn, working all day, getting to continue working at night, flying, going to airports, Lima with a thousand meetings in a few days, training, working more, seeing family, taking Porcino for a walk, going out with him boyfriend and work more.

Exhausting to read, I know. Exhausting to do too but I just love it. I love my life, with its craziness, accelerations, the people I meet, the things I see, enjoying what life brings me every day and ready to continue #NothingStopsMe. I feel very powerful, like Wonder Woman or Supergirl, "bulletproof". There is nothing like working on what you love and putting a strong injection of love into what you do. That really makes you unstoppable. When am I leaving again? I leave for the old continent this Sunday, after running the Global Energy race in the morning. Those 10K will let me sleep like a baby the whole flight... at least I hope so! he he. For now, I enjoy these few days in Lima la gris, dividing myself between work, boyfriend and family, but always with a smile!

I hope you liked the look. Now to pack for Paris and don't forget that MOIXX is currently with super discounts in stores, because this weekend it celebrates "Shopping Day", so take advantage! A kiss and until another post;).


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