Some may think that it is somewhat predictable but… RED. Yes, my choice for this Valentine's look. The color of passion, of lips, of love #OhLaLa. I don't usually celebrate Valentine's Day, I usually celebrate Friendship Day more, but it's my first Valentine's Day with Jaime so I said, if we're going to do it, we're going to do it right. This look is recontra feminine and flirty, but also recontra versatile! I tie my hair up, swap my heels for flats, and my look changes from date to out with friends in no time. It all depends on how you wear the look, remember that it's about ATTITUDE, churras boys. Did you know that this complete look can be delivered to your doorstep? Lima or province… it doesn't matter! MOIXX now has a new virtual store, if you go to and check all the things that are there right now you will go crazy. And no, don't worry, delivery isn't expensive, it only costs S/10, which isn't much if it saves you the trip of going to the store in the mall. Also, if you make purchases of S / 100 or more, shipping is totally free #ComoTeQuedóElOjo. Besides, I'll tell you that they told me that they will be giving me a special discount code for all the followers of the blog, so if you want a discount, pay attention to the next posts and keep an eye on the MOIXX virtual store to see what things cute would you like to choose <3.

I hope you have a nice day of love and friendship my babehs. I love you and have a supercalifragilisticexpialidosa week <3.

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