In today's blog we will talk about the different necklines that exist and which of them is the most suitable to use according to our body type . Always remember that we can use any garment that we like; however, there are some tips that image consultants recommend and it is up to us to put them into practice or not. If you want to find out about the types of necklines and identify which one favors you, keep reading!


Who has not seen a top with a V neckline , they are usually one of the best sellers on the market, it is because of their unique visual effect of a longer and more slender silhouette. This neckline is usually ideal for women with wide shoulders, short necks and small chests. It is not recommended for those with a long face type.

kalina blazer

Square neckline

 This neckline usually enhances the figure in the upper part, especially for women with a lot of bust, it will make you look sexy and sophisticated. It is perfect for pear-shaped body types, especially those with a round face shape and wide necks. It is not recommended for people with a square face or with many angles.

Cafarena Adais Perla

sweetheart neckline

This type of neckline also enhances the chest and rounds it out. Ideal for those girls who have a large chest and a small neck, it helps to stylize the silhouette.

Sweetheart neckline top
Sweetheart neckline top

Halter neckline

An elegant and sophisticated neckline that favors people with small busts and wide shoulders. Remember that this neckline shortens the neck and is very flattering for those who have an athletic body .

halter top
halter top

Round neckline

This neckline is everyone's favorite as it favors the majority. It is characterized by creating a visual effect of subtle lengthening of the neck. If you are a person with a short neck, narrow shoulders and a long face, this is your neckline .

Vivian Blouse- Fuchsia

Off the shoulder or Bardot neckline 

This neckline is ideal for those with small or medium chests, without a doubt this is a neckline that does not go unnoticed, highlights the shoulders and is perfect to wear in summer or spring. 

one piece
These are just some of the necklines that exist but are the most common to find in stores, remember that as we mentioned at the beginning, no one can tell you what to wear, it depends on your tastes and preferences. These are just tips that professionals usually give when dressing, we hope you liked it and we'll see you soon with another topic on the blog. 

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