Lately I've been choosing beautiful dresses to steal one of the many glances at my boy, that's why I present these Moixx options that make me feel unique, I can use them for both day and night and they are in my TOP TOP LIST ! Did you already know that these looks can come to the door of your house, in Lima and provinces? Now Moixx has a new virtual store, go to and that's it, I'll explain how! On the web they present us with several categories, from jewelry, accessories and a wide range of dresses and jumpsuits, choose the one you like the most, fill in the data and VOILÀ. The delivery is very cheap, it costs S/9 soles, what you would save if you went to the same boutique! If you order from S/100 up, shipping is totally FREE! #FREECASH my daughter! To the surprise of all my favorite readers, I tell you that I have been notified that they will implement discount coupons for all my beautiful followers of the blog. So stay tuned for my next posts. Take a look at the virtual store and choose your perfect look.

outfit 1

I love this super simple dress to put on and take off, the nautical style takes me back to my times of ships and sailors LOVE IT!. Wearing garments with horizontal lines in summer is a HIT!

looks 2

This boho chic style maxi dress with African prints will undoubtedly be my star garment for meetings on the beach. The texture is very fresh and delicious. At first glance it does not seem that it had pockets, but it does have them on the sides. The cut on the shoulders and arms stylize my figure, showing my flirtatious shoulders.

HP: Seishu

LOOKS: Moixx

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