This month of the equinox will be intense for the entire Zodiac, especially on the sentimental level. Planetary transits and moons that are very special as well as valuable, especially since most of them allow us the option of starting new things and closing cycles that no longer make sense.

Mercury and Uranus will make the beginning of the month perfect for a spontaneous getaway.

It will be a very productive period with a lot of demand and projects. The new moon will only bring opportunities and positive results in all aspects of work.

The full moon on the 13th will announce that you need a break to find solutions to that problem that has been haunting you for a long time.

Your Moixx item of the month:

You will be able to dream big, as all the pieces of the puzzle will fit together.

If you want to redecorate your home or make repairs, money won't be a problem thanks to family support and a bank loan.

The full moon on the 13th will redirect your attention to work.

The best day will be the 24th, the date to travel with the person you love.

If you don't have a partner, the new moon on the 28th will bring you surprises.

Your Moixx item of the month:

Your house of love will accumulate the greatest number of planets, in addition to a new moon full of possibilities for you to find love, if you are single, or to enjoy it if you have a stable relationship.

If you are looking for a partner, it is important that you attend social events, because you can find them at a party or on a trip on the 7th and 8th .

Take advantage of your creative potential in case worse times come.

Your Moixx item of the month:

The first few days will be perfect for a short-distance trip with your partner or family member, and thus escape from the routine.

Another longer and more romantic one will take place near the full moon of the 13th.

In love, he seems to have had mixed feelings with his partner.

The new moon of the 28th implies the entry into action of all the plans that involve your home: moves, renovations or reforms.

Your Moixx item of the month:

With five planets in your income sector, it's your chance to get a raise .

You will see how you achieve recognition in your work.

All your efforts are about to pay off. But not everything goes smoothly with Neptune hovering nearby, so it's a good idea to call your lawyer if contracts need to be signed.

The new moon on the 28th heralds a fun getaway .

Your Moixx item of the month:

It will be a spectacular month. You will feel all the energy of the planets.

You must enhance your personal life, taking advantage of the magnetism that the universe has given you.

Near the full moon of the 13th, you will make an important promise to your partner, since your relationship is more and more mature.

The new moon on the 28th will bring an increase in your salary.

Your Moixx item of the month:

Take the month slowly and reflect. The results will come by themselves.

Around the full moon on the 13th will be a good time for a medical check-up and to find a therapist if you are particularly concerned about any problem.

Your energy will be remarkable with the new moon of the 28th, just to make public that project that has taken you so long.

Your Moixx item of the month:

You have to change the way you work: relax a bit and socialize more, because your professional future may lie in those relationships.

Thanks to Uranus, good news may surprise you, probably from your partner.

By the 23rd you will want to retire and spend time alone. Reflect .

It seems that a project with economic benefits is approaching.

Your Moixx item of the month:

You will not give credit to job opportunities that will come your way.

The jobs will bring you prestige, and your experience will help you in new projects.

However, the full moon on the 13th will demand your attention at home.

The crown of planets will move to your friendship and social events sector, allowing you to unwind towards the end of the month.

Your Moixx item of the month:

Month full of opportunities: travel, relationships and work.

Uranus will bring you favorable surprises in the love field.

Your romantic life will take off. Even if you have a partner, after the new moon on August 30 it will be ideal to conceive a child .

It will make a fun little getaway.

Professional opportunities will arrive after the new moon of the 28th.

Your Moixx item of the month:

You will be immersed in financial matters.

If you are owed money, it may be returned to you this month .

The full moon of the 13th can uncover figures that had been hidden from him thanks to a third party who prefers to remain anonymous.

With so many financial matters, you will be grateful to take a long-distance trip that will be closely linked to the new moon on the 28th.

The goal is to relax.

Your Moixx item of the month:

You will join forces with another person and have good results.

You will feel linked to your partner, either by news that this brings or by a marriage request.

The full moon on the 13th will help you fulfill your dreams. The new moon on the 28th will steer the conversation towards financial matters.

If money worries you, it will only be temporary. It seems that generous income is approaching.

Your Moixx item of the month:



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