The closeness of the end of the year is a good time to take stock of the road traveled and everything you still have to go. It is time to close stages and begin to look forward with hope without turning your back on what you leave behind.

Get ready for a month of the most intense.

The time has come to fight for your desires, express what you feel to the people you love or launch yourself to meet someone interesting in case you are not matched.

But be careful if you don't want your life to change completely.

  • Health. You will feel the need to connect with your most spiritual side.
  • Money. You will have the opportunity to launch plans and projects that can be very beneficial for your economy.
  • Love. Very calm until the end of the month when the influence of the revolutionary Aquarius will push you to turn everything upside down for better or for worse. Think well before acting.

Your MOIXX item of the month:

The time has come to put your cards on the table and be honest with those around you.

If you have something to reproach or want to be given a cable because you are going through a bad time and you don't know how to get out of it, don't wait for them to guess.

  • Health. You will be charged with positive energy, but at the risk of trusting yourself and falling into excesses.
  • Money. Compulsive purchases could shake your fragile economy.
  • Love. Good time to take stock of your romantic relationships and make decisions that direct your steps towards your most desired dreams.

Your MOIXX item of the month:

If you do not stop splicing tasks and you add occupations, you will end up exhausted (and that will end up affecting your physical and mental well-being).

Put on the brakes, learn to delegate or share responsibilities and take care of yourself a little more.

The good news is that you will be very positive and very seductive, and that will benefit your relationships of all kinds.

  • Health. You will be much more positive and that will help improve your relationship with the people around you.
  • Money. Moment of changes or surprises that can affect your work life.
  • Love. The influence of Venus will enhance your most romantic and sensual side. Take advantage of it to sweeten your sentimental relationships and rekindle love.

Your MOIXX item of the month:


You're lucky. You have very good prospects in all areas.

Over the next few weeks, you'll be much looser than usual.

Take advantage of it to fulfill all those plans and desires that you secretly fantasize about, but that you never dare to do.

Bury your fears and let go.

  • Health. You will realize what your weak points are, but that will make you stronger.
  • Money. Opportunity to expand your contact list to start your plans.
  • Love. As if by magic, you will find a way to talk about or bring to the table those issues that had distanced you and that you were avoiding.

Your MOIXX item of the month:

Although you will be very anxious and stressed by domestic and professional issues, in return you have the opportunity to reap many benefits from the things you do in association, as well as to conquer the heart of the loved one or rekindle the flame of passion in your relationship. partner.

It's time to fight for your desires.

  • Health. You will explore your most sensitive and empathic side, which will benefit your relationships.
  • Money. Good prospects in everything you undertake as a team.
  • Love. After a period of reflection, you will free yourself from certain ties and feel freer to do what you really want.

Your MOIXX item of the month:

During this final stretch of the year, it is more than likely that you are very impatient with everything that is changing around you and you run the risk of losing your temper at the least expected moment.

Try to calm down because, otherwise, you may have friction and conflict with the people in your closest environment.

And remember that by talking people understand each other.

  • Health. Time to gather strength and energy to face the changes that are coming.
  • Money. If you want something, you will have no choice but to put everything on your side.
  • Love. You will be more open and communicative, which will encourage you not to have so many qualms when it comes to experimenting and trying.

Your MOIXX item of the month:

Although you have many open fronts, you must not lose your calm.

Everything that is coming is very positive. On the one hand, you have the opportunity to settle many of the issues that you still have pending.

And on the other hand, a very favorable period begins for the achievement of your sentimental goals. The key is to look in the right direction

  • Health. Watch out. If you go overboard with work, you may experience an episode of stress.
  • Money. You will be able to correct some failures that prevented you from prospering at all.
  • Love. If you look around you, you will see that you are not as alone as you sometimes think. There are people who really never let you down.

Your MOIXX item of the month:

Before the end of the year, the stars advise you to reflect a little and check all the essential aspects of your life.

If you review your habits to lead a healthier life, all your ailments will decrease.

Analyze your professional or financial plans well.

And be honest with yourself about what you really expect from love.

  • Health. You will recover from the ailments you have suffered.
  • Money. Very prosperous stage if you do not let yourself be intoxicated by some bad influences.
  • Love. If you still haven't found the person of your dreams, the possibility of finding her. And if you are in a couple, moments of great complicity.

Your MOIXX item of the month:

Get ready for a super busy month.

Although you will go to the top of work, you will have many possibilities of achieving things that you cannot even imagine thanks to the beneficial astral conjuncture.

In addition, you will be very intuitive and successful in the field of love, which will help you avoid clashes and direct your steps towards where you want to go.

  • Health. Your optimism can make you lower your guard in certain important aspects.
  • Money. The influx of beneficial Jupiter will open the doors of many opportunities for you.
  • Love. You will be very intuitive and you will see them coming with time; something that will go very well for you to avoid unnecessary conflicts or discussions with your partner.

Your MOIXX item of the month:

The last weeks of the year are going to be very positive for you.

On the one hand, you will be calm and at peace with yourself, and you will not be afraid to face the challenges that fate has in store for you.

And you will live a very stimulating period in love.

The time has come to get rid of the fears and ties that prevent you from enjoying your most sensual side.

  • Health. Venus will make you take things much more calmly than usual.
  • Money. Possibility of enjoying much more the benefits of your work or daily tasks.
  • Love. In order to fully let go and fully enjoy your relationships, you need to figure out what you really want or really like.

Your MOIXX item of the month:

You arrive at the end of the year with your homework done and a lot of effort put in. It's up to you – as far as possible – to reflect on everything that happened and analyze what you've done well and what you haven't.

In addition, it is time to enjoy the company of your loved ones and your partner.

But be very careful about relaxing more than necessary and letting yourself be carried away by excesses.

  • Health. You will feel forced to reflect on psychological aspects that do not work.
  • Money. Possibility of facing factors that prevent you from advancing in your progress.
  • Love. Good times for matters of the heart. The loving Venus, your planet, will make you enjoy your romantic relationships to the fullest.

Your MOIXX item of the month:

Over the next few weeks you have the opportunity to put a little order in your life: from making that visit to the doctor that you have been postponing for an eternity, to planning your professional plans and your finances well, going through taking much better care of your personal relationships.

But first you will have to reconcile with yourself.

  • Health. You can rest and take stock of everything you have achieved.
  • Money. Possibility of obtaining new sources of income.
  • Love. To be okay with the people you love, you'll first have to truly reconcile with yourself. No one can do that job for you. It's in your hands.

Your MOIXX item of the month:




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