Summer is here and our favorite spots are the beach or, failing that, the pool. Nothing like surrendering with all the Sun God and saying -" take me, here I am ". There are several essentials that are part of our basics to put together a good beach bag and be prepared for everything. Obviously there are some that are very obvious like a bikini, sunscreen or a towel, but I went around MOIXX and found these 5 that accompany me to the arena yes or yes, they were in my bag all New Year's Eve when I sent to move to the little beach
  1. Sunglasses Apart from the fact that without sunglasses the light leaves me blind, it is essential because the eyes also have to be protected from UV rays. The aesthetic side should not be left aside, they are a necessary accessory to complement the beach look. As you can see, I can't wear just one, it's always good to have more than one pair just in case.

2. Garters/ hair accessories

With this heat I can't stand loose hair for a long time. I love these hair ties because they look like bracelets when I'm not holding my hair up, but then I get hot and BAM, they do the job in a second. Different hairstyles work very well for a beach look, if you would like to see examples in a video, tell me below and I will gladly bring you one soon.

3. Purse

Do not take your entire wallet to the beach, it will fill with sand, it will be difficult for you to take things out and it will weigh you down. A LOT OF COMPLICATION! I always carry a small purse (but cute, OBVIOUSLY) where I put a bill, some coins and that's it! They don't need more.


Sunscreen is not enough to protect your face from the sun. He always wears a cap, visor or... my favorite... a straw hat! They look beautiful and will protect your face to avoid those horrible spots that can come from the sun's rays.

5. Bathroom outlet

One does not arrive at the beach in a bikini… no! You have to arrive with a nice bathrobe that highlights your look. Also, by sunset time there starts to be more of a breeze and it's time to cover up. A dress or jumpsuit is a simple and stylish idea to continue enjoying the beach. Look at this beauty with flower embroidery… I DIED!

Well there you have it; my basics for the beach bag. Let me know if you think I forgot any essentials that you can't help but carry in your bag. Enjoy now that a new year and a new summer begins. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook to check out more of my summer adventures. Until next time!


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