Spring is just around the corner and there are still cold days in which we can splurge on style by taking advantage of the trends that we love the most.

These are the 5 trends that you must wear yes or yes!


It was undoubtedly the favorite trend of the season and we are sure it will continue in spring. We leave you 2 look options to wear it on these cold days.


The Prince of Wales has become our winter staple and we love the power it has to elevate your look. combine it this way!


Checkered fabrics were also the protagonist and we love to wear them in coats. Let them be the protagonists by combining them with more basic pieces!


Our color palette for the season became a range of beige, brown and ocher with retro nostalgia and we loved wearing a total look with these shades. These outfits were our favorites!


We love the comfort and versatility of these dresses and above all that they keep us warm. Do you already have yours? They will also be perfect to wear on mid-season days!

Tell us what your favorite trend was!

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