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First of all, you should have a bag that covers what you need for day to day. Each one is different, so our needs are constantly changing! However, we bring you a list of 5 things that fit in most handbags and that are a must have :  

1. Wallet or purse  

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A wallet or purse is essential in your portfolio! And because? This is because it is the best way to carry and organize your cards, coins, bills and even receipts. For these reasons and more you will need to find the ideal wallet for your lifestyle and the size of your purse.  

2. Sunglasses  

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It's time to start protecting your eyes from the sun and street dust! But glasses are not only for that, they will also save you from many situations such as: smudged makeup, tired eyes and not wanting to know anything about anyone ... It's almost like a shield! Will you begin to give importance to the glasses ?  

3. Cameras and Films  

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That's how it is! It's time to capture all the new adventures and fun times in a more creative way. By having a camera always at hand, you can save beautiful memories, share them with friends and decorate your room in a more vintage way. And the best thing is that they don't take up much space!  

4. Masks

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In these times, having a spare mask is essential! How many of us have forgotten the mask at some point? That is why yes or if you should have a mouth cover in your bag that goes with your style, is comfortable and preferably, that can be washed to be able to refuse it many more times.  

5. Hair Accessories  

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There will always be a time when having clips will be essential, especially if you feel that your hair wants to bother you while you work, go out with friends or are on the way home. Carrying hair accessories with you 24/7 will save you in those moments when you need order, master your hair and still look chic!  

What do you carry in your bag that you feel is a must have? We read you!

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