Are you about to enter your thirties and do not know how to face it? Here's the perfect list of goals to accomplish before it's too late...

1. Find your scent

2. Have tried all possible haircuts and dyes and know which one suits you best.

3. Road trip with friends.


4. Learn to speak a new language (at least intermediate level)

5. How to look good in photos (if you haven't found your angle, it's time to practice).

6. How to have the best CV possible.

7. Know how to put on makeup.

8. Know how to prepare a spectacular dish .

9. Learn to drive .


10. Learn to master heels .

11. Travel to another country.

12. Be financially independent .

13. How to dress and do makeup to look professional when you need it

14. Live alone.

15. How to properly use and pay for a credit card .

16. Kissing a stranger.

17. Attend a music festival.

18. How to be true to who you really are and stop worrying about what other people say.

19. Fall in love.

20. And suffer for love.

21. Realizing that not everything you wish for is going to come true.

22. Have tried or have their own business.

23. Have a goal to accomplish in your 30's.

24. Identify which people are good and not for your life.

25. have practiced some extreme sport.

26. Dance until dawn.

27. Have read several books.

28. Learn to speak a new language.

29. Having finished a professional career.

30. Learn to be happy.

Make your checklist of things you need to do and share it with us in the comments!


  • Alex M said:

    Me falta viajar a otro país y el deporte extremo

    January 18, 2022

  • Erika mamani said:

    Me falta viajar a otro pais

    March 15, 2017

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