The blazer is a wardrobe staple that allows you to create versatile looks for any occasion. It often happens that we believe that this iconic garment is only suitable for formal or work looks, but with the latest fashion trends, we have been able to have a broad overview of the different ways to wear a blazer and how this piece can give your outfits a twist. . Here are 3 ideas:

Matching Set + Printed Blazer

do you want to raise  a matching set? Use a patterned blazer , this garment will make your look look sophisticated and trendy. A perfect winning combination for an outing with friends or even to go to work.

print blazer

Blazer Dayan-Beige

print blazer

Polo Shirt Mara-Brown

Blazer + Leather pants

Create contrast using garments of different materials, if you are an avant-garde woman who loves fashion , this type of combination is for you. You will achieve an original style that will make you stand out without a doubt.


Amberly-Blue Blazer


Simone trousers- Camel

Blazer + Pants of the same color + Top

Wearing a blazer of the same color as the pants is a combination that never goes out of style, a classic look that, depending on the accessories with which you combine the outfit, you can use on different occasions. Add a top to give it a fresher touch.


Marlene-Black trousers


Leilan-Black Blazer


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