Nowadays it is almost impossible to resist social networks and the world of possibilities that they open up to you, either because you love creating content , it is part of your job or because you are curious to find out how influencers or content creators do to maintain their photos and videos so organized, aesthetic and entertaining. That is why today we will talk about 3 apps that will help you create content for your social networks.

1) preview

It is a mobile application that will help you preview all your content, helping you to put together an organized feed and that it maintains the image of your brand. This will allow you to maintain an order in your posts and also have a preview of how your profile will look when you are about to post a photo or video. If you want your feed to look good visually, we recommend using an established color scheme in your posts, that is, managing a color palette that allows you to maintain harmony in all your posts. You can achieve this, using the same filter for all.

preview feed

APP preview for Android

APP Preview

App preview for IOS

2) Unfold

​When we talk about content , we cannot leave aside the format of stories. Unfold is an app that will help you create original stories easily, providing you with templates, where by simply inserting your photo or video, you will have your content ready. This app is available for both IOS and Android and the free version can be very useful.


App Unfold for Android

App Unfold

App Unfold for IOS

3) Cap Cut

At a time when videos are the most successful format on the networks, it is necessary to find the app that helps you create content with cool effects and engage your community. Cap cut is an app that gives you many tools to achieve this, effects that will make your videos impactful, and best of all, it's very easy to use.


app cap cut

Always remember to have fun in the process and always be inspired to get impactful content, get to know your community and offer valuable content that really interests and serves them. See you next Thursday with another post!


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